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Hi guys,
As some of you already know, my name is pb. I was born in the reflection of all those who suffer with a mental condition. From Schizophrenia to Bipolar, I am the collective thoughts for those of you out there who have yet to gain a voice in today's society. That is one of the main reasons I exist. We have our ipad, iphone, droid, facebook and so on but where is it that we have a connection to ourselves that so many take for granted. Naturally we become isolated and fear expression in a way that keeps some of us distant.

Our goal here, is to ignite a connectional movement toward freeing our minds from societal stigmas. And it may seem stigmatizing when I state that, but somehow somewhere one has to mention it, why not me, I'm a cartoon sketch-up.
Below is a link to signup. When you do signup, you'll have the option to be a blogger. We have yet to have a martial artist or dance blogger. So hopefully, you'll fill that gap.

Enjoy and let us know what your thoughts are, by emailing me pb@paintedbrain.org .



The Painted Brain Is A Peer-Driven Arts And Outreach Campaign Amplifying The Voice And Activating The Community Of Those Living With Mental Health Issues.

What is the mission of the painted brain?
the painted brain intends to help people accept each other as they are and to help people accept themselves as they are. through our activities, the painted brain creates a community of young adults to break down the isolation of mental illness. we actively challenge the prevailing stereotypes or about mental illness.

What is the painted brain?
many of the people involved with the painted brain have personal experiences with mental illness or are close to people that have. we create a space where people who work in the mental health community work alongside young people living with mental illness. we have featured the work of more than one hundred and twenty young people from around the country in the magazine.

Who runs the painted brain?
the painted brain project is directed by dave leon, a social worker who had a vision of media development as a method for community development when he began his work with young adults with mental illness in 2004. the painted brain relies on the work of social work interns, a group of five peers that run art groups and earn a monthly stipend, an advisory board and community members.


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